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Las Vegas


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Las Vegas Shows and Events

No other city can compete with the events, concerts and shows in Las Vegas. We're truly the Entertainment Capital of the World. And no matter what you're looking for, we've got just the event. There are Las Vegas shows with dancing, singing, acrobatics and more. There's comedy or drama. And a healthy amount of spectacle. more...
And the concerts are out of this world. Nowhere else are so many talented performers performing night after night. Artists currently in residence include Celine Dion, Motley Crue and deadmau5. But on any given weekend, you're likely to see the marquees lit up with events from today's hottest live acts.
That's to say nothing of the permanent fixtures that dot the Strip. There are now seven different Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas, ranging from the interesting to the bizarre to the risqué. And staples like the Blue Man Group and Frank Marino round out the offerings.
What would Vegas be without magic? And Vegas' headliners deliver in spades. Acts like Penn & Teller bring a healthy dose of humor to the mix, with other performers sizzling up their acts with stunning magicians' assistants.
If those lovely ladies are more your speed, you'll want to check out the adults-only shows like Fantasy and Crazy Girls
There truly is an event for every sensibility.
So if you simply can't decide, split up. Send your in-laws up the Strip or your coworkers across the casino. You'll each come out having experienced a show like no other. Or you could extend your vacation and see even more of the fantastic theatre productions that live in Las Vegas.
Of course, next time you come there will be new acts, dazzling new performances and a variety of new shows to entertain you then, too.
Anyone worth seeing stops in Vegas. Shouldn't you?

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